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Seal 06 DM-i & Qin L DM-i

On May 28th, BYD’s new mid-size sedan, the Seal 06 DM-i, was officially launched, with a total of five models. Positioned between the Destroyer 05 and Seal DM-i, this car utilizes BYD’s fifth-generation DM technology. Meanwhile, the Qin L DM-i from the Dynasty Network was also launched, which can be seen as a “sibling model” to the Seal 06 DM-i.

What is the discount price for all configurations of Xiaomi SU7?

The Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi’s first electric car, was officially released on March 28th. The model offers three configuration options: Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi SU7 Pro, and Xiaomi SU7 Max, with starting prices of $29,900, $34,100, and $41,600 respectively. Within just 27 minutes after the launch event, pre-orders exceeded 50,000 units.

Hot spot No.1:Is the Xiaomi SU7 officially launched as expected?

On March 28th, the Xiaomi SU7 was officially launched, with a price range of $30,000 to $42,000. As Xiaomi’s first car model, the Xiaomi SU7 is built on the Xiaomi Automobile Modena platform architecture and is positioned as a “C-Class High-Performance Ecological Technology Sedan.” It offers a choice between dual-motor and single-motor versions, with CLTC pure electric ranges of 700km, 800km, and 830km available.

Comprehensive Upgrade! Li Auto Series Upgraded with 2024 New Models

On March 1st, the Li Auto L7, L8, and L9 underwent a comprehensive upgrade, and the 2024 models were officially launched. The new L7 comes in three models: Air, Pro, and Max versions, while the L8 also offers Air, Pro, and Max configurations. The L9 introduces two new models: L9 Pro and L9 Max.

BYD Entire Range Now Offers a “Honor Edition”

On February 29th, BYD announced its latest move, leveraging its robust integrated production and sales system. From screws to major components, BYD manufactures everything in-house, giving it full control over pricing. This year, BYD has initiated a second wave of price wars, planning to launch a more cost-effective “Honor Edition” for most of its popular models.

New Zeekr 001: A New Luxury Hunting Coupe

On February 27th, Zeekr held a new product launch event, unveiling the luxury hunting coupe, the all-new Zeekr 001. As a mid-term facelift version, Zeekr has extended several technologies from the 001 FR and comprehensively upgraded the styling design, chassis structure, triple-electric system, and intelligent driving system, making it comparable to a model upgrade.

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