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Guangzhou Xiaopeng Motors Technology Co Ltd,commonly known as XPeng, is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, Guangdong, with offices in Mountain View, California, United States.XPeng has two factories, one in Zhaoqing and the other being built in Guangzhou. The Zhaoqing factory has an annual production capacity of 100,000 vehicles.



The XPeng X9 is a pure electric intelligent seven seater model with “good flexibility, strong intelligence, large space, and multiple scenarios”. It comes standard with a rear wheel steering and dual chamber air suspension MPV. It is built on the SEPA2.0 rotary architecture and integrates the latest technology and innovative design of XPeng Motors, providing users with a flexible, intelligent, comfortable, and safe travel solution.

Hot-Selling Models:

XPeng X9 : 2024 610km Pro model , 702km Pro model , 702km Max model , 640km 4WD Max model



The XPeng G9 is a battery-powered mid-sized luxury SUV manufactured by Chinese electric car company XPeng.The G9 is the first XPeng product to be conceived and designed from the outset for both domestic Chinese and international markets.The G9 complies with 5-star safety design standards under new car assessment programs in China and the European Union, as well as the EU’s vehicle certification standards known as European Whole Vehicle Type Approval, making the vehicle the first XPeng model to be designed with foreign markets in mind.

Hot-Selling Models:

XPeng G9 : 2024 570km Pro model , 570km Max model , 702km Pro model , 702km Max model , 650km Max model



The XPeng P7 is a battery-powered compact executive sedan made by the Chinese electric car company XPeng.As the second model of XPeng after the G3, the range of the new sedan will be improved compared to the G3. The official release said that the size of the XPeng P7 will be larger than a mid-size car, with a wheelbase typical of mid-to-large size vehicles. In terms of battery life, the company said that “the range will be greatly improved”with a range of 562 to 706 km (349 to 439 mi) (NEDC) claimed.

Hot-Selling Models:

XPeng P7i : 2024 550km Pro model , 550km Max model



The XPeng P5 is a battery-powered subcompact sedan produced by the Chinese electric car company XPeng. It is the first mass-produced car to be equipped with lidar sensors for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).At Auto Shanghai in April 2021, XPeng presented the third model of its brand,complementing the offer as a cheaper and smaller alternative to the flagship P7. It took the form of a compact 4-door sedan.

Hot-Selling Models:

XPeng P5 : 2024 500km Plus model , 500km Pro model



The XPeng G3 is a battery-powered crossover SUV produced by the Chinese electric car company XPeng. It was the first mass produced vehicle by XPeng as production commenced November 2018.After almost three years for sale, on 9 July 2021, the manufacturer introduced the updated facelift version of the model with the name of XPeng G3i.It features a front light bar like its counterparts P5, P7, and G9. First units scheduled to be delivered throughout the month of September 2021.

Hot-Selling Models:

XPeng G3i : 2022 NEDC range 460km, NEDC range 520km



The XPeng G6 is a pure electric multi-purpose passenger vehicle under XPeng Motors. In April 2023, at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, XPeng Motors officially unveiled its latest model, the XPeng G6, a super-intelligent driving sports SUV. On June 9th, the XPeng G6 started pre-sales and was officially launched on June 29th, with customer deliveries commencing in July.

Hot-Selling Models:

XPeng G6 : 2023 580km Pro model , 755km Pro model , 755km Max model

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Please provide us with detailed specifications, such as brand, model,colors,quantity and configuration.

We will provide you with car’s pricing and availability information based on your requirements.

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We will coordinate with you and arrange for professional technicians to conduct inspections of the car’s exterior, mechanical components, and functionality.

If you require more detailed inspections, such as vehicle history checks or accident reports, please inform us in advance.

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