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Finally here! Yesterday, the new BYD Yuan UP was officially launched by the Dynasty series under BYD, positioning itself as a compact pure electric SUV. The car offers three configurations with CLTC ranges of 301km and 401km respectively. The new car is the first A0-level SUV built on BYD’s e-platform 3.0, further lowering the threshold for car ownership. Let’s take a look at this new car together.

Highlights of the New Car:

  • The first A0-level SUV built on BYD’s e-platform 3.0.

  • Utilizes CTB battery body integration technology for enhanced safety.

  • Wheelbase of 2620mm ensures decent seating space.

  • Targeted at young people as their first car.

The front face of the BYD Yuan UP adopts the classic family Dragon Face aesthetic design, with a rounded appearance, traditional closed grille, and elongated lights on the upper sides. There is a black decorative panel connecting the elongated lights in the middle, elongating the visual effect of the entire front face. The car also offers multiple color options, including Pure White, Relaxing Green, Stylish Gray, and Brave Pink, with an overall design and color scheme leaning towards a younger demographic. The black large surround at the bottom of the front face is decorated with a chrome-plated metal strip, enhancing the overall recognition of the vehicle.

The side profile of the car looks rugged, with a floating roof, semi-hidden door handles, and a bottom black decorative panel adorned with chrome-plated strips that echo the front and rear ends, adding a touch of fashion. Metal chrome-plated strips also adorn the black decorative panels on the wheel arches and side skirts. The rear is equipped with a large-sized spoiler and through-type taillights, while the large rear bumper gives the rear of the car a rounded and full look.

In terms of dimensions, the Yuan UP measures 4310/1830/1675mm in length, width, and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2620mm. Compared to the Yuan Pro, which is also a compact pure electric SUV, although the Yuan UP is slightly shorter in length, it has improvements in body width and wheelbase.

The interior looks relatively simple, with all models equipped with an 8.8-inch LCD instrument panel. The entry-level version of the central control screen is 10.1 inches, while the other two versions are 12.8 inches. The central console also uses a large amount of soft material, and the interior color scheme uses dual-tone elements, exuding a fashionable vibe. It comes with a four-spoke leather steering wheel and crystal gear lever, along with practical features like seat heating (optional) and electric adjustment.

In terms of intelligent configuration, the new car is equipped with the BYD DiLink intelligent networking system, intelligent voice interaction system, intelligent cloud services (including NFC digital keys, remote control, etc.), and OTA upgrades. Additionally, the new car is equipped with Sentry mode, 360-degree panoramic imaging, and other features, making it relatively rich in configuration for this class.

In terms of power, the 301km range version is equipped with a 70kW electric motor with a maximum torque of 180N·m, with a hundred-kilometer acceleration time of 12 seconds; the 401km range version is equipped with a 130kW electric motor with a maximum torque of 290N·m, with a hundred-kilometer acceleration time of 7.9 seconds. All models support fast charging, capable of charging from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes.

Compared to the BYD Qin and Song series, the BYD Yuan family gives a more youthful and fashionable impression. BYD has also given a very clear label: the first car for young people. In the opinion of the editor, the Yuan UP, which combines BYD’s leading technology with a sufficiently young and fashionable exterior design, is likely to become a popular model in China’s sub-100,000 RMB pure electric SUV market.

Resource Link: More About BYD Cars

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