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BYD was founded in February 1995 and is a well-known Chinese automotive brand. In 2022, it sold over 2 million vehicles, and it is expected to surpass 3 million vehicles in 2023. BYD’s unique blade battery technology and DMI super hybrid technology give it a strong competitive advantage in the market.



The 2024 BYD Song PLUS EV Honor Edition, a new car under the BYD Ocean series, has been officially launched. The new car offers four configuration models, and the price of all models has decreased by $3000. As an annual facelift model, the new car continues the styling design of the old model (2023 Champion Edition) and adds more intelligent driving features.

Hot-Selling Models:

BYD Song Plus EV : Luxury model, Noble model, Flagship model



The BYD Han is a mid-size luxury sedan,available in an all-electric variant and a DM-i variant. It is the latest entry of BYD’s “Dynasty” series passenger vehicles, and gets its name from the Han Dynasty, the first golden age of Imperial China.The 2024 BYD Han continues the design style of the 2023 model, with a large mouthed diamond dragon scale front grille combined with a continuous chrome trim and fog light area design, showcasing a decent aura.

Hot-Selling Models :

BYD Han EV : Noble model, Flagship model, 4WD model



The BYD Song L is a battery electric mid-size crossover SUV manufactured by BYD Auto since 2023. Part of the BYD Song family under the ‘Dynasty Series’ product line-up, the Song L has the largest footprint among other Song vehicles. It occupies the Chinese B-class category, or D-segment globally. It is based on the e-Platform 3.0 shared with other BYD battery electric vehicles such as the Seal.

BYD Song L new exterior photo

Hot-Selling Models:

BYD SONG L : 550km Beyond Model, 662km Excellence Model, 602km 4WD Excellence Model

BYD Seagull


The BYD Seagull is a battery electric city car hatchback manufactured by BYD Auto.It is currently the smallest vehicle in the BYD catalog.In line with other BYD ‘Ocean’ models, the passenger compartment has a two-tone design, with a flowing dashboard and a large, centrally located 12.8-inch touch-screen infotainment system. The digital gauges have gained an area of 5 inches.

Hot-Selling Models :

BYD Seagull :  2023 Vitality model, Freedom model, Flying model



The BYD Qin is a compact sedan developed by BYD Auto, available as an all-electric car, as a plug-in hybrid and as an internal combustion engine vehicle.The BYD Qin Plus was unveiled during the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show on November 20, 2020; compared to the Qin Pro, it features restyled front and rear ends, while dimensions are exactly the same as in the Qin Pro. It is available as an all-electric car and as a plug-in hybrid.

Hot-Selling Models:

BYD Qin EV : 420km Leading model, Surpassing model, 610km Excellence model

BYD Seal


The BYD Seal is a battery electric, compact executive fastback sedan. It is the second passenger car of BYD’s latest “Ocean Series” of plug-in electric vehicles.In several overseas markets, the left hand drive variant of the BYD Seal is marketed as the BYD Atto 4.

Hot-Selling Models:

BYD Dolphin EV : 420km Fashion model,Freedom model, 401km Knight model

BYD Dolphin


The BYD Dolphin is a battery electric hatchback produced by BYD Auto since 2021. A subcompact (B-segment) hatchback in China.The Dolphin has been exported to overseas market such as Europe, Australia and Thailand since 2023 with a lengthened dimensions to satisfy more stringent crash safety standards, and placing it in the compact or C-segment space.

Hot-Selling Models :

BYD Seal EV :  Elite model, Luxury model, 4WD model



The BYD Tang is a crossover SUV manufactured by BYD Auto, available as an all-electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid or a conventional ICE vehicle. The vehicle is the second model of BYD’s “Dynasty” series passenger vehicles, and gets its name from the Tang dynasty, the most prosperous of all the great Chinese dynasties.

Hot-Selling Models :

BYD Tang EV : Premium model, Flagship model  BYD Tang DM-i : Premium model, Luxury model, Majestic model

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