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On March 1st, at Li Auto’s Spring 2024 press conference, Li Auto’s first pure electric MPV MEGA was officially launched. The new vehicle has an official guide price of $79,000, with delivery upon launch.

Solving problems through design

In terms of appearance, the design of Li Auto MEGA is very individual. The official statement is that the car’s design pursues extreme simplicity without too much decoration, emphasizing the balance between soft and hard surfaces. The body lines of the MEGA are smooth, and after undergoing wind tunnel testing by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, it has a drag coefficient of 0.215, making it the model with the lowest drag coefficient among mass-produced MPVs.

In terms of body dimensions, the length, width, and height of the MEGA are 5350/1965/1850 mm, respectively, with a wheelbase of 3300 mm. These dimensions are slightly larger than those of the Toyota Alphard. The vehicle’s front bonnet and halo lights are integrated, which also better organizes the airflow in front of the vehicle, reducing drag. The lines of the front extend smoothly to the rear, pressing down at the tail to form an overall teardrop-shaped roof design. The highest point of the vehicle and the passenger entry point are located at the B-pillar, making it more convenient for passengers to get in and out. At the rear end of the body, the MEGA also features an aerodynamic separation line to organize the airflow passing through the rear of the vehicle.

Inside the vehicle, the interior styling of Li Auto MEGA is basically consistent with the L9, also applying a minimalist design style. Notably, the glass area of the entire Li Auto MEGA reaches 8.26 square meters, effectively enhancing the transparency of the vehicle. When all seats are in the standard position, both the second and third rows of MEGA have relatively spacious seating space.

In terms of intelligent driving assistance, Li Auto MEGA supports full-scenario intelligent driving, full-scenario driving assistance, intelligent parking, and active safety features. Specifically, this includes follow-navigation autonomous driving, autonomous entry and exit from complex ramps, perception of unconventional traffic lights, pedestrian avoidance on narrow roads, remote parking, valet parking, full-speed domain AEB, etc.

In terms of seating, the seats of MEGA focus on comfort. Both seats in the first row are equipped with ventilation/heating/massage (16-point massage) functions, and the driver’s seat supports cushion softness adjustment. Additionally, the seats can adaptively adjust the support softness of the cushion according to the suspension mode setting. The co-driver supports “queen seat” mode, with an electric integrated leg rest extending angle up to 65 degrees.

The second row has two independent seats, with the seats moving forward and backward up to 500 mm, providing ample leg and headspace. The cushion length is 530 mm, the backrest height is 613 mm, supporting 16-point massage, ventilation, and wrap-around heating functions, with the backrest angle lying flat up to 70 degrees, leg support maximum adjustment angle of 78 degrees, and also equipped with a smart refrigerator and a 50-watt mobile phone fast charging panel. The area of the second-row side window reaches 0.98 square meters, offering excellent transparency.

The comfort of the third-row seats is also commendable, supporting electric adjustment, equipped with a soft head pillow, and the cushion, backrest, and side wings all support heating function. The cushion length is 530 mm, height is 613 mm, with an adjustable angle of 15 degrees, providing good leg support. The third-row seats support one-button folding, offering more storage space.

In terms of power, the power system of Li Auto MEGA consists of a 155 kW asynchronous auxiliary drive in the front and a 245 kW synchronous main drive in the rear, with a system peak power of 400 kW and a maximum torque of 542 Nm. In the strongest power output mode, MEGA’s “zero to hundred” acceleration time is 5.5 seconds.

For the battery, Li Auto MEGA has a battery pack capacity of 102.7 kWh. Using Li Auto’s 5C charging pile, the peak charging power exceeds 520 kW, with an average charging power greater than 400 kW, charging for 12 minutes can replenish 500 km, with a maximum range of over 710 km.

In terms of chassis structure, the front of Li Auto MEGA features a double wishbone structure, and the rear is an H-arm multi-link, with an all-aluminum chassis covering the front and rear subframes and swing arms. At the same time, MEGA is equipped with dual-chamber air suspension and CDC variable damping shock absorbers, with an adjustment range of 70 mm for the air suspension. When cruising at high speed, the body height decreases by 25 mm, and in escape mode, the body height increases by 40 mm. Additionally, the dual-chamber air suspension also provides better comfort and sportiness for the vehicle. The official statement is that MEGA’s air suspension supports an 8-year 160,000 km warranty.

In terms of NVH, Li Auto MEGA’s first, second, and third rows come standard with acoustic laminated glass, with 48 cavity partitions set throughout the vehicle, and the entire series is equipped with Michelin e·Primacy quiet tires.

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