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         Model Edition

Basic configuration



  • 2024 Honor 520km Luxury

CLTC Pure Electric Range [km]:520
Single Motor
Total Motor Power:150 KW
Drive System:FF




  • 2024 Honor 520km Noble

360° Panoramic Imaging System Electric Rear Tailgate            Ambient Atmosphere Lighting




  • 2024 Honor 520km Flagship

Active safety warning system    Lane Merge Assist
ACC-Full-Speed Adaptive Cruise Control System
DiPilot Driver Assistance System




  • 2024 Honor 605km Flagship Plus

CLTC Pure Electric Range [km]:605
Single Motor
Total Motor Power:160 KW
Drive System:FF




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Super hybrid power Fuel SUV disruptor!

The BYD Song is a series of compact Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) developed by BYD. The first generation BYD Song started out as the BYD S3 before BYD launched the “Dynasty” series vehicles.Besides the completely different Song Max compact MPV, there are three compact crossovers in the Song lineup, sold concurrently: the original 1st-gen Song renamed Song classic, the slightly larger Song Pro, and the even more upmarket Song Plus.



Purchase procedure

Step 1: Car Inquiry

Please provide us with detailed specifications, such as brand, model,colors,quantity and configuration.

We will provide you with car’s pricing and availability information based on your requirements.

Attention:Before that, please make sure you have the car import qualification or you can purchase through a local agent.

Step 2: Order Confirmation

Once you accept our quotation and decide to order a specific car, we will need the following information from you: company name, contact person, delivery address, contact phone number, etc.

We will confirm the order with you and provide the relevant contract and payment methods.

Step 3: Payment

According to the contract terms, you will need to make a deposit or full payment for the ordered car.

We accept T/T payment terms only.

Step 4: Car Inspection

Prior to shipment and delivery, we can add a car inspection step to ensure the quality and integrity of the vehicle.

We will coordinate with you and arrange for professional technicians to conduct inspections of the car’s exterior, mechanical components, and functionality.

If you require more detailed inspections, such as vehicle history checks or accident reports, please inform us in advance.

Step 5: Export Procedures

After the payment and inspection are completed, we will proceed with the necessary export procedures.

Step 6: Shipment and Delivery

Once the export procedures are completed, we will arrange for the shipment of the car. 

Delivery methods:FOB/CIF ect.

Transport:  sea,trailer,rail via containers,LCL.

We will collaborate with reliable logistics partners to ensure the safe transportation of the vehicle to your designated destination.

We will provide you with tracking information for the shipment and delivery, so that you can stay updated on the status of the car’s transportation.

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