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Unveiling the Future: BYD's New Ocean Lion 07 EV Shines at the Guangzhou Auto Show

On November 17, the 21st Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition officially kicked off, marking the global debut of BYD’s latest creation, the Ocean Lion 07 EV, presented by Ocean Net. Priced between 200,000 to 260,000 yuan, this new mid-sized urban intelligent electric SUV is set to make waves in the automotive market.

The Ocean Lion 07 EV is not just another electric SUV; it is the first model of the new Ocean Lion IP and represents an evolution of BYD’s e-platform 3.0. Featuring the latest generation intelligent driving technology and embracing the “Ocean Aesthetics” design philosophy, this vehicle seamlessly integrates aesthetics, safety, comfort, intelligence, performance, and efficiency.

Led by BYD’s global chief designer, Wolfgang Egger, the design team has meticulously crafted the Ocean Lion 07 EV, serving as a powerful embodiment of the “Ocean Aesthetics” design philosophy’s vitality and creativity. Thanks to the flexibility of BYD’s e-platform 3.0 and the groundbreaking CTB battery-body integration technology, the Ocean Lion 07 EV boasts impeccable proportions, adding an artistic and fashionable touch to the practicality-focused urban SUV.

Building upon the foundation of the Ocean X concept car, the Ocean Lion 07 EV further reinforces the familial concept of the Ocean series. It perfectly captures the stylish design and elegant charm of the concept version. Through clever applications of chrome decorations, the vehicle enhances the visual contrast of the floating structure of the roof. The side profile features clean lines, emphasizing simplicity.

The open form of the Ocean X Face brings a modern touch, solidifying the front of the vehicle with contrasting tones and materials. The family-style Ocean Joy Double U floating headlights add a sharp, defining touch to the overall design. Embracing various ocean elements, the Ocean Lion 07 EV becomes a unique piece of art with distinct personality in the urban SUV segment.

The well-defined rear of the Ocean Lion 07 EV incorporates the dynamic tail lights that carry the distinctive Ocean Wave theme. The parameterized distribution of point light sources evokes the imagery of splashing waves. The composite tail wing structure, consisting of the Bright Wave dynamic spoiler and the duck-tail flow board, satisfies both visual and aerodynamic needs. Additionally, the vehicle’s rear features an evolved version of the LED illuminated logo technology, showcasing both metallic texture and semi-transparent luminescence.

With external dimensions measuring 4830×1925×1620 mm and a wheelbase of 2930 mm, the Ocean Lion 07 EV offers ample internal space, meeting the diverse needs of users in various scenarios.

Underneath the stylish exterior, the Ocean Lion 07 EV is equipped with rear-wheel/four-wheel-drive architecture and iTAC technology. It features front double wishbone and rear five-link independent suspension, complemented by the Yun Chen C intelligent damping body control system. In terms of intelligent experience, the vehicle will host BYD’s latest generation intelligent driving technology, expanding the scope of urban user mobility and comprehensively meeting their demands for a smart travel lifestyle.

Ocean Net, established just three years ago, has experienced rapid growth. As of the end of October, the cumulative sales have surpassed 1.7 million units. Particularly noteworthy is the achievement of selling over 1 million units in just the first ten months of this year, demonstrating a leap in rapid development.

Leveraging BYD’s innovative technologies in the new energy field, Ocean Net has created a lineup of popular models including the Seagull, Dolphin, Seal, and the Song PLUS new energy, establishing the Ocean series IP. Building upon this foundation, the introduction of the Ocean Lion IP will further expand Ocean Net’s product matrix, reinforcing its position in the high-value product segment.

In the future, Ocean Net plans to integrate SUV models under the Ocean Lion IP and sedan models under the Seal IP, forming a twin-star strategy. By creating more visually appealing, performance-driven, comfortable, practical, safe, and green new energy products, Ocean Net aims to bring consumers a delightful, efficient, and convenient green travel experience.

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