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On December 27th, the highly anticipated all-electric sedan, ZEEKR 007, from the ZEEKR brand was officially launched, garnering significant attention in the market. The launch includes five different configurations, with four models equipped with a 75kWh battery that can be upgraded to a 100kWh battery. The new model is set to commence deliveries on January 1, 2024.

★ 2024 Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) 75kWh Model

-- 2024 Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Intelligent 75kWh Model

-- 2024 Four-Wheel Drive(4WD) Intelligent 75kWh Model

-- 2024 Four-Wheel Drive(4WD) Performance Model

In terms of its exterior, the ZEEKR 007 adopts an entirely new design language, departing from the sharp and rugged style of previous models to present a more rounded and full-bodied appearance. 

The front lights feature a concealed design, extending across the entire front face. Users have the option to equip a 90-inch intelligent headlight, providing a highly distinctive and recognizable lighting effect.

The side profile adheres to the standard sedan design, with dimensions measuring 4865/1900/1450mm (length/width/height) and a wheelbase of 2928mm. Positioned as a midsize car, it boasts moderate dimensions within its segment.

The rear design is full-bodied, with slim continuous taillights concealed within the tailgate. Below the light strip, there is a scale-patterned decorative panel that reflects light sources when illuminated at night, creating a visually appealing effect. Noteworthy details include frameless doors, ultra-narrow framed side mirrors, privacy glass, and an oversized panoramic sunroof, enhancing the overall driving experience. Additionally, the new model features a clamshell-style tailgate with a large opening for convenient access to cargo.

Entering the interior, the ZEEKR 007, like many contemporary electric vehicle models, adopts a clean and minimalist design. The interior includes a 13.02-inch LCD instrument panel, 35.5-inch AR-HUD head-up display system, and a 15.05-inch 2.5K OLED central control screen that supports rotation. These screens house various physical buttons, requiring user interaction through touchscreen or voice control. Behind the in-car entertainment system lies the 8295 chip and OS 6.0 system, promising users an enhanced user experience.

The distinctive steering wheel of ZEEKR models features convenient buttons below the central area, including controls for the central lock, rear tailgate opening, panoramic imaging, and more. The interior materials and craftsmanship of ZEEKR demonstrate quality.

Free choose between blue and white or black and gray interior color schemes.

In terms of intelligent driving, the new model is equipped with an advanced intelligent driving assistance system, featuring the Orin X intelligent driving chip with a computing power of 508 TOPS. Perception components include one LiDAR, twelve high-definition cameras, five millimeter-wave radars, and twelve ultrasonic radars, providing advanced high-speed autonomous navigation assistance.

For the powertrain, all models come standard with an 800V system, offering options for a single-motor rear-wheel drive or dual-motor all-wheel drive. The former delivers a maximum power of 310kW, while the latter achieves a maximum power of 475kW. Except for the top-performing variant, which utilizes a 100kWh battery, other models come standard with a 75kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. The pure electric range according to the CLTC standard ranges from 616 to 870 kilometers.

The ZEEKR 007, unveiled in this release, not only boasts impressive aesthetics and performance but also demonstrates a strong commitment to cost-effectiveness, putting pressure on competitors in its segment. The market eagerly awaits the performance of the ZEEKR 007.

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