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On February 27th, Zeekr held a new product launch event, unveiling the luxury hunting coupe, the all-new Zeekr 001. As a mid-term facelift version, Zeekr has extended several technologies from the 001 FR and comprehensively upgraded the styling design, chassis structure, triple-electric system, and intelligent driving system, making it comparable to a model upgrade. The all-new Zeekr 001 features an 800V high-voltage system, PTM 2.0 thermal management system, 0-60 mph acceleration in 3.3 seconds, 95kWh Godspeed battery/100kWh Kirin battery, and Intelligent Magic Carpet dual-chamber air suspension, among other new configurations. Deliveries for the new car will begin on March 1st.

In terms of exterior design, the all-new 001 synchronously updates the design style of the FR model. The front bumper area adopts a larger outward expansion triangular air curtain. The rear bumper also uses red triangular reflective decorative parts, giving it a lower and more sporty appearance. The 21-inch double-star wheel hubs enhance its sporty style.

Another change is that the roof of the all-new 001 also features a “corner,” housing a laser radar that can detect distances up to 200 meters. Based on powerful hardware, the new car’s algorithms have also been upgraded to support laser radar + visual fusion perception of non-standard object recognition. With strong software and hardware support, the new car supports NZP high-speed autonomous navigation assistance and LCC+ enhanced lane centering assistance.

Looking at the side of the vehicle, the new car still maintains the body design structure of a “hunting vehicle,” possessing strong athletic attributes. Additionally, the new car is equipped with hidden door handles, a two-tone body, dense stripe wheel rims, and multi-piston brake calipers, maximizing the vehicle’s sporty attributes. In terms of body size, the new car’s length, width, and height are 4977/1999/1545 (1533) mm, with a wheelbase of 3005mm.

The new car also undergoes two major upgrades to the chassis. Firstly, it adopts an integrated die-cast rear aluminum body, achieving lightweight while increasing the overall rigidity of the vehicle. With 74 fewer parts and approximately 800 fewer welding points, stability is improved. The front anti-collision beam uses 7-series aerospace aluminum material, combined with a flexible and rotatable connection method to absorb energy and unload forces effectively. Additionally, the previous 001 single-chamber air suspension has been upgraded to the same dual-chamber air suspension as the 009. It offers a total of 5 levels of adjustment with a 70mm travel range.

At the rear, the new car is equipped with a roof spoiler, and the taillight assembly still adopts a through-type design, with internal light sources arranged in a queue, making it highly recognizable when lit. The rear bumper of the new car has also undergone a sporty treatment, with the concave design of the license plate frame area further enriching the three-dimensional sense of the rear of the car. It’s worth mentioning that the all-new Zeekr 001 is equipped with a hidden electric trailer hook, supporting intelligent towing mode, with a maximum towing weight of 2 tons.

In terms of power, the new car will be upgraded to an 800V high-voltage platform across the board. The motors use the same direct waterfall oil-cooled motor as the Zeekr 001 FR, with silicon carbide electronic control. The front motor has a maximum power of 270kW, the rear motor has a maximum power of 310kW, and the comprehensive power is 580kW; the battery packs offer 100kWh Kirin battery and 95kWh Godspeed battery options, corresponding to ranges of 750km and 675km, respectively. The all-new Zeekr 001 adopts a front induction asynchronous, rear permanent magnet synchronous electric drive system, with a peak power of 580 kW and a maximum horsepower of 788 hp. The rear-wheel-drive model accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds, while the all-wheel-drive model does it in 3.3 seconds.

In terms of interior, the Zeekr 001 FR-derived sporty steering wheel and elegant quilted design are also unique. It features a full LCD instrument panel plus a 15.05-inch floating center console multimedia display, paired with a sporty three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, giving it excellent technological attributes. Additionally, the new car’s infotainment system will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 car chip and will use the latest Zeekr OS 6.0 system, as well as adding a 35.5-inch AR-HUD head-up display.

The new car is equipped with a standard 28-speaker YAMAHA surround sound system, with a 7.1.14-channel Dolby panoramic sound, with a peak power of up to 3000W. With the addition of the new 5D mode, the “Zeekr Cinema” function supports a new viewing experience including smells, smoke, wind, rain, and snow.

Furthermore, the new car adopts the same intelligent active seats as the Zeekr 001 FR, adding lumbar and leg support, with a response time of 0.1 seconds to actively judge the vehicle’s dynamics. The LV zoning dimming skylight has a UV blocking rate of up to 99.95% and a response speed of up to 7 seconds.

The all-new Zeekr 001 comes in four versions :

-- WE version 100kWh rear-wheel-drive model, 750km range, 5.9s 0-60

★ WE version 95kWh all-wheel-drive model, 675km range, 3.5s 0-60

-- ME version 100kWh all-wheel-drive model, 705km range, 3.3s 0-60

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