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DEEPAL S7, Starting at $21,000, High Style and Spacious Interior, How Does it Perform in Reality?

Recently, DEEPAL S7, a new energy vehicle under Changan Automobile, has received new discounts. As a mid-size new energy SUV, the current price is quite competitive, ranging from $21,000 to $30,500, with two different power forms: pure electric version and extended-range version. Let’s take a look at the strengths of this vehicle from my perspective.

In terms of exterior design, the front of the DEEPAL S7 has a sharp and angular style, with a body width of 1930mm, giving it a solid and stable appearance. The front headlight assembly adopts a split design, with daytime running lights on the upper layer and high/low beam headlights and intelligent interactive lights on the lower layer.

The DEEPAL S7 has dimensions of 4750x1930x1625mm and a wheelbase of 2900mm. The side of the car has rich lines, and the side skirts use differently colored decorative panels, enhancing the visual appeal of the vehicle. The wheel design is relatively closed, providing benefits in reducing air resistance and aiding brake system cooling. Both front and rear doors have frameless designs, and the front windows use laminated glass to reduce wind noise.

Inside the DEEPAL S7, areas frequently touched are wrapped in soft materials, and the wireless charging panel for phones uses a suede material with a charging power of 40W. The central screen size is 15.6 inches, using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip. This infotainment system supports vehicle networking, remote OTA upgrades, Apple CarPlay, and Baidu CarLife for smartphone connectivity. Touch buttons related to the air conditioning are located at the bottom of the screen, and in case of inconvenience during driving, the voice assistant can control the air conditioning. The interior ambient lighting offers 64 colors, enhancing the luxury feel. The co-driver’s screen, with a size of 12.3 inches, needs to be additionally equipped and mainly serves entertainment purposes, allowing customization based on user preferences.

In terms of space, the rear space of the DEEPAL S7 is quite spacious, with comfortable and soft seats providing good thigh support. The panoramic sunroof, although non-opening, is equipped with a sunshade, expanding the view. The rear air conditioning vent has a touch panel, which can control the sunroof sunshade, adjust the co-driver’s seat angle, and display the air conditioning temperature.

For power, taking the 2023 200Max Extended Range version as an example, it is equipped with a 1.5L engine with a maximum power of 70kW (95Ps) and a maximum torque of 141N·m. The permanent magnet/synchronous motor is rear-mounted, with a maximum power of 175kW (238Ps) and a maximum torque of 320N·m. The official claimed acceleration time for 0-100 km/h is 7.7 seconds. Driving the car, the power performance is more than sufficient for daily use, with brisk and smooth response during acceleration. There are five driving modes: Economy, Comfort, Sport, Exclusive, and Custom. For daily family trips, it is recommended to use Comfort mode, which provides a gentler power output, avoiding discomfort for passengers in the rear seat. In terms of range, the DEEPAL S7 Extended Range version has a range of 121 km and 200 km under CLTC conditions. The pure electric version has two ranges: 520 km and 620 km under CLTC conditions.

In terms of chassis, the DEEPAL S7 adopts front MacPherson/rear multi-link independent suspension. As a rear-wheel-drive SUV, although it has a long wheelbase, it performs well in terms of agility during turns or turns at intersections. The steering wheel has three modes: Comfort, Standard, and Sport. Compared to the first two modes, in Sport mode, there is a noticeable increase in steering wheel resistance, requiring the use of both hands when turning at intersections. For daily driving, it is recommended to use Comfort or Standard modes.

In conclusion, after the test ride and driving experience, the DEEPAL S7 demonstrates good practicality, a sporty and recognizable exterior, well-textured interior materials, and ample rear space. The Extended Range model can use either gasoline or electricity without range anxiety, making it suitable for users who frequently drive long distances. If used primarily for urban commuting with charging conditions available, the pure electric version is a good choice.

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